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Facepaint University by GTX Facepaint strives to make facepaint education accessible for students from all over the world. We currently are offering one free course for splitcake color theory with more courses to come! 

Meet our instructor

Amber Massa

Creativity takes courage

Amber Massa is the owner of multiple businesses in the USA. Infinity Hybrid, MicroArtistre and now GTX Facepaint. She has her BS degree is Hospitality Business Management, and has been a licensed cosmetologist since 2004. She is currently expanding out of the brow industry into the Facepaint industry with GTX Facepaint. She is happy to use her cosmetology knowledge to educate painters in a different industry- Remember, Facepaint IS makeup, a cosmetic product and is regulated as such around the world. 

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“ArtSchool provides an individualized education for each of its students, which provides both objective and subjective instruction and encouragement. Our teachers are passionate about art, and they are committed to helping each of their students develop as artists.”

Sam Jones

“The one-on-one attention provided by our instructors helps each student develop their unique artistic strengths and minimize their weaknesses. This helps each student progress much faster, which results in a higher-quality final product.”

John Davis

“Our teachers are knowledgeable in both the technical aspects of their field and the artistic applications, which helps the students learn how to better apply their knowledge in their work. This provides them with a greater range of creative options and opportunities to express themselves, which helps them become more confident artists.”

Mary Red

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